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KajakSport Original Hatch Covers

P&H Sea Kayaks are constructed using only the best components and materials available, and KajakSport's Original Hatch Covers are quite simply the driest out there.

Made from fully UV-protected, 100% real rubber and created for the most demanding expedition use, where maximum reliability is essential; these hatch covers will not dry out and crack in the sun, even after years of hard, salt-water usage – they’re so good they may even last as long as your P&H kayak itself!

The dryness of these hatches comes from their precisely engineered, full rubber construction, making them highly durable with enough stretch to ensure a tight seal on the hatch rim; for easy fitting, secure one side of the hatch cover to the rim and then work your way around the outside of the cover, peeling back a section at a time and pushing it down onto the hatch rim until the whole cover is secure. As part of your routine boat maintenance, you can also periodically spray the underside of the hatch with a small amount of silicone spray to maintain ease of fitting.

Attachment points are featured on the inner and outer of the hatch cover to make sure you don’t lose it on the water or during transport.

  • 100% Rubber Construction
  • Driest Fit
  • UV-Protected
  • Inner & Outer Attachment Points
  • Suitable for the Majority of P&H Composite or Polyethylene Sea Kayaks
  • Apply a Small Amount of Silicone Spray to the Underside of the Rim for Easier Fitting
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