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KajakSport Click-On Hatch Covers

KajakSport’s Click-On Hatch Covers are a lightweight and easy to use alternative to their Original series hatch covers.

A hybrid construction of rigid plastic in the centre and durable rubber around the rim means that the main body of the hatch is lightweight and too stiff to cave in under the pressure of crashing waves, and the durable rubber edge grips the hatch rim of the boat effectively and provides a great seal against water ingression.

As the name suggests, these hatches can be fitted quickly and easily by pushing down on the centre of the hatch until it ‘clicks’ onto the boat, and a grip tab makes them super easy to open again. Attachment points are featured on the inner and outer of the hatch cover to make sure you don’t lose it on the water or during transport and both construction materials are UV-protected and highly durable for reliable use in all kinds of conditions the world over.

These hatches come as standard on our Kevlar/Carbon and Lightweight Kevlar/Carbon construction boats, but can also be fitted to the vast majority of our other composite and polyethylene constructions.

  • Hybrid Plastic/Rubber Construction
  • Lightweight
  • UV-Protected
  • Inner & Outer Attachment Points
  • Easily Fitted
  • Suitable for the Majority of P&H Composite or Polyethylene Sea Kayaks
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