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Self-Adhesive Foam Pad for Full Plate Footrest

Got a bit carried away trimming the foam that came with your kayak? Or maybe you just want to add some extra padding to your footrest? This is what you need!

Fit at least one of these foam pads to your full plate footrest to add a little extra buoyancy to your kayak, prevent your feet slipping behind the foot plate and becoming trapped and give some added protection to your feet, ankles and legs during hard impacts (such as a piton off a drop).

- Supplied in an oval shape measuring approximately 57cm by 33cm and 4cm thick.
- Pre-marked to help you cut it down quickly and evenly around the foot pod bars and to fit almost any kayak.
- Fuss-free fitting by peeling off the yellow backing and pressing hard up against the foot plate for a few seconds.
- Will stick on top of an existing foam pad to double up on the benefits.
- Closed cell foam will not absorb water and is firm but comfortable.
- Can also be used to make a heel block for extra comfort, connectivity and control of your kayak.
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