Full Plate Footrest Fitting Kit

UPDATED: Full Plate Footrests in Pyranha Kayaks produced from late 2014 onwards are fitted using Nyloc Nuts to reduce the need for re-tightening; this Fitting Kit has also been updated to reflect this change. For a dry ride, it's important to ensure the mounting bolts for your Full Plate Footrest are in good condition - should you need to replace any worn or missing parts, or if you're looking to upgrade a kayak with Twistlock or Sharks Tooth Footrests, this kit contains everything you'll need to fit a Full Plate Footrest, and is suitable for most Pyranha creek and river running kayak models. Kit Includes: 4x Stainless Steel Bolts 4x Nyloc Nuts 4x Plastic TorqueGuard Washers 4x Large Stainless Steel Washers 4x Rubber O-Rings 4x Brass Centred Wingnuts
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