Snappy Deck

The Pyranha Snappy Deck is perfect for those on a budget, but doesn't compromise on quality.

4mm dive-quality neoprene throughout with stitched and glued seams, plus printed edge protection combine to ensure this deck will stand up to the demands of kayaking whilst looking pretty darn good at the same time!

All Pyranha Spraydecks are designed to give the perfect fit on Pyranha Kayaks, but most are equally well-suited to other brands of boat too.

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Angry, Snappy, and Grump Decks, Cockpit Cover
Keyhole Jed, Loki, Sub 7, Z.One, Burn III S, Speeder
Large (Big Deck) Ozone, Ripper, B:Two, Burn III M & L, Machno, 9R, 9RII, 12R, Fusion II, Fusion Duo, Master TG
Rebel Deck
Rebel Rebel, TG Lite
Angry, Snappy, and Grumpy Deck
26-32" 32-34" 34-38"
Rebel Deck
26" 32"
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