Aluminium Mounting Bars for Full Plate Footrest [Pair]

The aluminium bars that secure the footrest pod in many Pyranha creek and river running kayaks are designed to deform under extreme loads and absorb any excessive force, preventing it going through your legs instead (which could be pretty painful!) If your Pyranha kayak has taken a big hit to the bow, we'd recommend checking your footrest mountings and replacing the bars if they are broken or excessively bent. - Lightweight, strong and corrosion resistant aluminium. - Adjustable for a wide range of leg lengths. - Easily installed with just a few bolts and the flexibility to be placed in the kayak without removing the pillar. - Some bars may fit older models of kayak, contact us for more information. - Type 1 fits Shiva, Burn, Nano, Fusion M, Fusion L, Z.One, 9R, Everest and Karnali - Type 3 fits Fusion S, Rebel Rapid and Karnali Rapid
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