Connect Thigh Braces [Pair]

As one of the key points of contact between paddler and kayak, thigh braces are an outfitting element which is subjected to significant force, and therefore it is important to replace them if they show signs of wear or become damaged. Pyranha Connect Thigh Braces are injection moulded, making them lightweight but durable with an exceptionally ergonomic form, and feature a firm yet comfortable pad which offers excellent grip and conforms to a wide variety of thigh shapes and sizes. - Fits most models produced between 2004 and 2016 (except Rebel, Master TG, and TG Lite) - Simple, strong 2-point attachment - Adjustable through 5 positions - Padded for comfort and grip - Lightweight and durable injection moulded design - Available with or without ratchets (ratchets can be installed later if desired) - Includes fittings
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