Cockpit Cover

Save fuel, reduce road noise, keep your kayak contents secure and have something comfy to stand on when you're getting changed; the Pyranha Cockpit Cover does all of these things whilst also looking pretty darn cool! Made from 4mm dive quality neoprene with a snug fitting bungee cord rim, a grab loop, printed edge protection and emblazoned with the angry fish we all know and love, this cockpit cover is great for popping on your boat during transport on a car roof rack or when you're stuffing it full of kit and using it as a suitcase on a flight to far flung adventures. Available in Keyhole and Large (Big Deck) sizes.
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Angry, Snappy, and Grump Decks, Cockpit Cover
Keyhole Jed, Loki, Sub 7, Z.One, Burn III S, Speeder
Large (Big Deck) Ozone, Ripper, B:Two, Burn III M & L, Machno, 9R, 9RII, 12R, Fusion II, Fusion Duo, Master TG
Rebel Deck
Rebel Rebel, TG Lite
Angry, Snappy, and Grumpy Deck
26-32" 32-34" 34-38"
Rebel Deck
26" 32"
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