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Drain Bung

We've all lost our drain bung at some point, so it's worth having a spare in your repair kit (especially if you're on a multi-day trip); Pyranha drain bungs feature an integral stem and block to prevent them from going missing again!

The grip tab features the iconic Angry Fish, and is rubberised for extra grip and to prevent it from being damaged by rocks or roof racks, so you can be sure you'll have something to grip onto to undo the bung and empty the boat when you need it.

Fits all Pyranha kayaks. Collar and fittings are also available separately for fitting to models that don't come with a drain bung as standard (tools required).

N.B - Collar and Drain Bung are both sold separately, please add both the collar and drain bung to your cart if you want a complete kit.

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