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IR Overthruster for Pyranha Jed

Add a little more pop to your freestyle. The Immersion Research Overthruster comes free in the outfitting pack with every new Pyranha Jed, but if you've lost yours you can buy a replacement right here. The IR Overthruster is a HDPE plastic plate that rests on top of the front portion of the cockpit rim, underneath your spraydeck; it prevents the deck compressing inwards, adding up to 15l (4 US Gal.) of additional volume during the 'plunge' phase of aerial playboating moves, allowing you to go bigger and grab more airtime. As it is made of solid plastic, the overthruster won't ever puncture or deflate and provides minimal hindrance to entry/exit of the kayak. Top Tip: Stick some of the self-adhesive foam roll provided in your Pyranha kayak's outfitting pack to the underside of the Overthruster, making sure it floats if you accidentally drop it in the water! Although designed specifically to fit the Jed, the IR Overthruster can be retrofitted to some other freestyle kayaks too (but why would you paddle anything else?!) - Supplied in assorted colours. - Designed to fit the Pyranha Jed. - Can be retrofitted to some other freestyle designs. - Helps maintain up to 15l (4 US Gal.) of volume. - Prevents deck implosions. - Comes with fittings.
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