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Foam Footrest Wedge

Whether you've lost your foam footrest wedge, or just trimmed the original one supplied with your kayak a little overzealously, don't worry, you can get a replacement right here!

A good footrest gives you a solid platform for connectivity and power transfer, which is especially important in freestyle and freeride kayaks, preventing your feet being squeezed uncomfortably into the low volume bow of the kayak. All Pyranha Foam Footrest Wedges are made from minicell foam, which is non-absorbent and firm enough to offer great connectivity, yet has enough compressibility to be comfortable over long periods in the boat; it even has the added benefit of giving your kayak extra buoyancy if you take a swim!

A pre-shaped heel block maintains a more natural angle for your ankles, and pre-marked trim lines along with the minicell foam construction mean the foam footrest wedge is easy to cut and/or sand down to a size and shape to suit you.

Type 1 Foam Footrest Wedges are secured in place with an inbuilt self-adhesive patch; Type 2 & 3 Foam Footrest Wedges are supplied as two, correspondingly shaped halves which are easily fitted past the central pillar, and securely interlocked behind this in the bow of the boat.

- Non-absorbent, minicell foam construction
- Provides a firm, yet comfortable platform for increased connectivity
- Adds buoyancy to kayak
- Pre-marked trim lines
- Ergonomic shape with in-built heel block
- Type 1 fits Jed S, M, & L; Type 2 fits Loki S & M; Type 3 fits Loki L; Type 4 fits Ozone S, M, & L
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