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Foam Shims for Seat Height Adjustment

Adjusting the height of your kayak’s seat will help you strike the right balance between stability and control. Raising the seat height, and therefore your centre of gravity, allows you to extend more leverage from your stronger, core muscles and gives you finer control when edging; this comes at the expense of stability however, and the higher your centre of gravity, the better your technique will need to be to remain comfortable on turbulent water. A pair of seat shims are supplied in the outfitting pack with Stout and Stout 2 models, but if you require more or would like to add them to another outfitting spec (must feature a seat liner to install the shims underneath), they can be purchased here. - Shaped, Minicell Foam Shims - Easily Installed Under the Seat Liner - Each Shim is 5mm Thick - Flat Edge Towards the Front Edge of the Seat - Supplied in Pairs
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