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KajakSport Semi-Click Hatch Covers

KajakSport’s LRC-HT Hatch Covers offer the best of both worlds; a lightweight construction with exceptional dryness.

A seamless combination of a rigid plastic centre and a durable rubber rim, much like that also seen on KajakSport’s Click-On hatch covers, offers supreme implosion resistance thanks to the main body of the hatch being too stiff to cave in. The increased proportion of the hatch cover that is made from rubber gives greater stretch and therefore a tighter, drier fit on the hatch rim.

Quickly and easily fitted by simply pushing down on the centre of the hatch until it ‘clicks’ onto the boat, and a grip tab makes them super easy to open again. Attachment points are featured on the inner and outer of the hatch.

  • Hybrid Plastic/Rubber Construction
  • Mid-Weight Option
  • UV-Protected
  • Inner & Outer Attachment Points
  • Easily Fitted
  • Suitable for the Majority of P&H Composite or Polyethylene Sea Kayaks
  • Apply a Small Amount of Silicone Spray to the Underside of the Rim for Easier Fitting
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